2022 National Catholic Education Conference

The next National Catholic Education Conference will be held from 4-7 September 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

2022 marks the emergence from a time of pandemic and our soul searching of the plenary. The theme of ‘The future is listening’ impels us to ask of ourselves, given what we have experienced, who are we as Catholic educators and what do we have to say? What do our young people have to say? What is the ‘new thing’ that is already amongst us? 

This call to action in Melbourne 2022 represents a pivotal point in time to explore, listen, perceive and articulate what springs forth for the future of educating young people.

Abstracts are now invited for submission under the four main themes of the Conference. 

Catholic Identity and Mission

  • How to be an authentic Catholic educator in a secularising world
  • Catholic communities in dialogue with the world
  • What is the nature and purpose of a Catholic school today?
  • How to be authentic in identity in the current Catholic school context
  • Religious Education in the mission of the Catholic school
  • Understanding the learner in the Religious Education classroom
  • How does a Catholic anthropology inform formation for mission?
  • The understanding of context to shape formation for mission

Leadership and Governance

  • Organisational structures characterised by service and subsidiarity in decision-making
  • Formation of key leaders in Church-related institutions
  • Educational policy, leadership, management and administration
  • Linkage with local Church and the mission of evangelisation in policy, practice and attitudes
  • Utilisation of appropriate processes to monitor, review, report and provide accountability to Church, governments and communities
  • Continuous improvement in Catholic education offices
  • Characteristics of good governance within Catholic institutions

School Improvement

  • School improvement in a Catholic context
  • Working towards system success
  • Developing highly accomplished and lead teachers
  • Educational leaders designing and delivering strategies to enable deeper learning (students and staff)
  • Educational change through technologies
  • Catholic perspectives on teaching and learning in the Australian Curriculum
  • Leading quality change effectively
  • Religious Education
  • Building and sustaining excellence
  • Creativity and innovation in learning and teaching
  • Learning environments for diverse learners
  • Engaging research to inform practice
  • Closing the educational gap for Indigenous students

Communication and Community Engagement

  • Building the Catholic school faith community
  • Creating productive relationships and enduring partnerships – schools, families, parishes, services and communities
  • Working with children, parents, parishes and schools in faith formation
  • Working with parents as partners in learning
  • The importance of student voice
  • Using technology effectively to engage with communities
  • Student wellbeing
  • Supporting families in need through integrated services
  • Schools as the social centre of communities

The Conference provides a forum for those working in Catholic Education including the Bishops Conference in Catholic Education, Directors and leadership teams from the various diocese offices, primary and secondary school principals and other school leaders to come together to discuss issues relevant to Catholic education. 

Abstract submissions close Monday 14 February 2022.
For further details click here or visit the NCEC 2022 Conference Web Site. 


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