In 2022 the NCEC published A Framework for Student Faith Formation in Catholic Schools.

The document is intended for staff of Catholic schools and to complement existing frameworks. This resource aims to assist in understanding the contexts of the lives of the students in Catholic schools, and those working with children and young people in faith formation, to reflect and consider how they approach this work. 

A Framework for Student Faith Formation in Catholic Schools is a contribution to the discussion about faith formation of students and Religious Education processes in contemporary Australian contexts. It is intended to be considered in conjunction with A Framework for Mission in Catholic Education (2017) which focuses on staff formation, and the Framing Paper for Religious Education in Catholic Schools (2018).  

The framework offers a vision and a set of elements for student faith formation together with examples of approaches. This work draws upon:

  • reflection on contemporary contexts and research 
  • a Christian understanding of the human person  
  • the teaching of the Church including the recent Directory for Catechesis edition (2020), and importantly  
  • a dialogue with student voice which was sought in the process of developing this document (p. 5).