2 August 2021

New video resources are now available for school leaders and teachers to support the
delivery of Religious Education in Catholic schools across Australia.

The series of professional learning videos are designed to encourage discussion among
Catholic educators through the unpacking of the Framing Paper on Religious education in
Australian Catholic Schools (2018).

Produced by the National Catholic Education Commission’s Faith Formation and Religious
Education (FFRE) Standing Committee, the resources were developed in collaboration with
Catholic educators across the country.

National Catholic Education executive director Jacinta Collins said the resources provide a
practical understanding of the framework and support for faith formation in the 1,755
Catholic schools across Australia.

“Faith formation lies at the heart of the work of Catholic schools,” Ms Collins said. “These
resources assist teachers and school leaders to reflect and deepen their understanding of
the place of Catholic theology in Religious Education, and aim to build professional
collaboration among staff.”

FFRE Standing Committee chair Sr Elizabeth Dodds RSC said the videos promote
dialogue about the practical considerations for an engaging Religious Education program.

“These resources support Religious Education staff to consider the variety of learners in the
classroom with their unique life experiences, particular motivations, expectations and
aspirations,” Sr Dodds said.

“These videos will enliven and energise staff, building their capacity to provide Religious
Education which is responsive to their local school context and authentic to the Catholic

There are 1,755 Catholic schools, educating 777,000+ students – or one in five Australian
students and employing 100,000+ staff across Australia.


National Religious Education resources available for Catholic educators

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