The International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC) has launched a new series of resources as part of the Global Compact for Education (GCE).

The compact, originally launched by Pope Francis in 2020, aims to promote a more inclusive, equitable and ecologically sustainable education system worldwide. It seeks to address issues such as access to education, educational opportunities for marginalised communities, and the formation of young people as global citizens committed to social justice and environmental stewardship.

The resources respond to the call by Pope Francis for a new season of educational commitment to raise awareness, promote, guide and build on the GCE from the local school communities, dioceses, and state, territory and national bodies.

Our Catholic schools are invited to take part in the initiative and collaborate with others, sharing projects and new values, adapting and enriching programs to better respond to the needs of new generations and of society in general, and being able to design joint projects that have an impact on people and their realities.

At the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC), we continue our advocacy to government, aimed at ensuring families have a choice of faith-based schools and that they remain affordable, accessible, and inclusive. 

Our commitment to improving learning and teaching outcomes through our national strategic priorities and initiatives includes our Mastery in Mathematics Year 7 and 8 curriculum resources to be released over the next eight months, and our mathematic webinars launched this week.

Other initiatives include the continual improvement of teacher scripture knowledge through online resources accessible via the NCEC website and through the shared work of our standing committees and networks.

The OIEC resources include a booklet explaining the approach and the four stages involved in implementing the Global Compact on Education, a film outlining Pope Francis’ vision of education and the seven objectives of the GCE and a charter of commitment, which can be displayed at the school entrance.

I invite you to utilise these resources and identify ways to realise our commitment to the Global Compact for Education.

Jacinta Collins
National Catholic education executive director