One of the National Catholic Education Commission’s strategic priorities is to support the continual improvement of educational outcomes for all students in all Catholic schools. 

As part of this strategic focus we are working, through greater collaboration within the Catholic education sector, to understand the national picture and share expertise across the country to better serve the needs of our students and teachers. Our ‘systemness’ is our greatest asset to share evaluated best practice and learn from each other in order to lift educational outcomes for all students in all schools.

As part of this work, we are leading a Mathematics project, which is analysing the successful practices in schools and systems that have resulted in above expected student learning outcomes in Mathematics. These practices will be shared with other Catholic schools and system as a model of evaluated best practice for consideration.

A national Mathematics working group was created in 2022 comprising leaders in Mathematics education from all Catholic systems and representation from RI & MPJP schools. The focus of this working group is to identify, develop, evaluate, and share best practice in Mathematics.

Work has commenced on the development of learning and teaching resources and webinars to support schools in improving learning and teaching. 

The focus on excellence in Mathematics will continue in 2023/2024 with a second focus to address literacy learning and teaching, specifically, reading and writing.

The NCEC has established an Educational Excellence Standing Committee, comprised of Australian and international experts in the field of education, to support this work and advise the Commission on leading excellence projects and initiatives.