21 March 2018

The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) seeks to clarify its position in light of the recent coverage regarding Catholic sector funding.

The acting executive director Ray Collins said the NCEC has stressed repeatedly that school funding is a matter of concern for all schools, not just Catholic schools.

“One of the important roles of State Catholic school bodies and the NCEC is ensuring that parents in Catholic schools are aware of the policies of the various political parties in the run-up to elections, whether they be Federal or State general elections or by-elections,” said Mr Collins.

“Communication with parents takes various forms in a modern society, all with the intention of enabling parents to be aware of the respective parties’ policies so they can make an informed choice when they vote.”

“Catholic Education Melbourne, in addressing the policies that will impact on families in Catholic schools in the Batman by-election, was fulfilling that responsibility,” he said.

“All Catholic education authorities stand in solidarity in the commitment to engage with the various political parties to fix flaws in the current funding model, progress educational policy matters and keep parents informed of these discussions.”

Mr Collins said the NCEC considers the policies of the current Federal Government to be problematic for Catholic schools in certain circumstances across Australia and will rightfully continue to engage with the Government to highlight these concerns.

He also rejected any notion that the position of the Labor Party outlined in a recent letter from Bill Shorten constitutes a “special deal”.

“It is a re-statement of Labor’s policies when it was last in government,” Mr Collins said. “Government schools will be the greatest beneficiaries of this policy.

“Catholic schools would receive their fair share based on educating one in five students across Australia.”


Catholic sector clarifies national funding position

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