14 May 2020

The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) has commissioned the Australian Catholic University’s (ACU’s) La Salle Academy to review the effectiveness of the Framework for Formation for Mission in Catholic Education.

The national framework, published in 2017, was developed as a resource for school leaders and school governance bodies with responsibility for the faith formation of staff in Catholic schools, to support the evaluation of their current practices and provide a strategic context for the enhancement of their formation programs.

Formation for mission is at the heart of authentic and quality practices within the Catholic school. The NCEC, supported by its Standing Committee: Faith Formation and Religious Education (FFRE), has responded strategically to this priority through the development of the framework.

National Catholic Education Executive Director Jacinta Collins said the research project has been commissioned to identify whether the framework has been effective in supporting schools, dioceses and religious institutes in staff formation and mission.

“We know that across our school communities there are many well-educated and well-formed leaders and teachers playing an essential role in the mission of Catholic schools,” Ms Collins said.

“The national framework was developed to offer a set of guiding principles and common understandings to support the development of diocesan and school-based formation programs to support the ongoing formation of staff in fulfilling this mission.”

The research project, which will be conducted by Associate Professors Bill Sultmann and Janeen Lamb, will evaluate the application and general outcomes of school and diocesan formation programs in relationship to the framework.

FFRE Chair, Sr Elizabeth Dodds RSC, said the research project would assess whether the framework has supported local approaches to formation.

“The changing profile of Catholic school students and staff reinforce the critical role of formation in advancing educational experiences that align with the mission of Catholic schools,” Sr Dodds said.

“Catholic education providers, school leaders and staff members have responded strategically to these imperatives and have established unique and multiple practices within their communities.

“However, what is less well known is the nature and extent of this provision at a national level, and the influence of national documentation in support of it.”

The research project is expected to be completed by Semester 2 with the findings from the review being presented at a future date.

The framework is available via the NCEC website.


ACU to review Catholic schools’ national formation framework

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