One of the National Catholic Education Commission’s strategic priorities is to enhance the capacity of Catholic school communities to be places of faith and mission. 

As part of this strategic focus we are working, through greater collaboration within the Catholic education sector, to:

  • Engage schools, families, governments and communities with the mission and purpose of Catholic education
  • Support the faith formation of school leaders, future leaders, staff, students and families.

The Faith Formation and Religious Education Standing Committee (FFRE) is  appointed by the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education (BCCE) and is responsible for providing advice on issues relating to the faith formation and religious education of students in Catholic schools and the evangelisation of young people.

This includes the following areas as they related to the strategic priorities of the NCEC: 

  1. Articulating and enhancing the mission and identity of the Catholic school as core to the work of the Church 
  2. The classroom religious education curriculum and associated resources 
  3. The embedding of a Catholic perspective across the school and the Australian curriculum 
  4. The faith formation aspects of the curriculum, including liturgy and worship, prayer, retreats, youth ministry groups and discipleship groups 
  5. The faith formation, education and accreditation of leaders, teachers and others.