This website assists you as a Religious Education teacher to engage personally with Sacred Scripture. It is a resource aimed at you as a teacher prior to deciding how to use a Scripture passage with students. It models a way of personal reflection and interpretation that raises questions for you personally and for your teaching. It equips you to proceed with planning learning and teaching relating to the Scripture.

It has four sections:

  • Foundations, which present Catholic understanding of Scripture
  • Commentaries and materials on a small number of scripture passages
  • Glossary of terms used in Foundations and Commentaries
  • Resource Links to further assist you

Sacred Scripture is in dialogue with communities of believers: It has come from their traditions of faith. Its texts have been developed in relation to these traditions and have contributed, reciprocally, to the development of the traditions. It follows that interpretation of Scripture takes place in the heart of the church: in its plurality and its unity, and within its tradition of faith….. Dialogue with Scripture in its entirety, which means dialogue with the understanding of the faith prevailing in earlier times, must be matched by a dialogue with the generation of today.

Pontifical Biblical Commission (1993), The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, III, A, 3