Last week I went to a preparation dinner for my upcoming pilgrimage to the Holy Land which I will be undertaking in April.

Part of the responsibility of leaders in faith-based organisations is nurturing their own vocation through faith formation and contributing to a positive culture in their organisations and communities.

Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher OP will lead the pilgrimage which will include CEO Catholic Schools NSW Dallas McInerney, executive director Sydney Catholic Schools Tony Farley, 30 primary and secondary school principals, plus other leaders, from Sydney Catholic Schools.

Representing different layers of our mission in Catholic education – from principals to diocesan leadership, state leadership, national leadership and Episcopal leadership – the pilgrimage is a valuable opportunity to engage, share and deepen our commitment to our respective vocations, as we explore the spiritual underpinnings of the Holy Land and how they have shaped individual and theological understandings.

We are fortunate to be visiting during the Easter season. It offers an opportunity to further develop our understanding of the Resurrection story, learn about the history and significance of the Holy Land, and witness some of the traditions and ceremonies that take place during this significant time. 

National Catholic education executive director
Jacinta Collins

Images: Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher OP, executive director Sydney Catholic Schools Tony Farley and Sydney Catholic leaders at the pilgrimage to the Holy Land briefing at Cathedral House.