By accompanying young people, youth ministry is an important avenue for faith formation. The Catholic school provides a relational space where many forms of youth ministry, including that of the teacher, can take place. Youth ministry honours student voice and offers unique witness to faith. 

Examples include:
Catholic Schools Youth Ministry International (CSYMI)   
This model of faith formation consists of a retreat experience, a Religious Education curriculum component, senior youth ministry teams and connecting students into the broader Church community through the CSYMI and ACU Youth Academy. It is a phased model.    
Peer to Peer Ministry  
This may be as simple as a strong mentoring program or as invitational as working with The National Evangelisation Team (NET). Peer to peer ministry is often experienced through retreat and reflections days.  
Young Christian Students  
Young Christian Students is a peer leadership approach utilising the see, judge, act method of taking action in student’s lives.  
Gamechangers has a strong focus on journeying together while connecting with moments of change in students’ lives. Students are invited to set out on a journey of faith and trust. As young Marists, they are embarking on the shared journey of our Christian story.” (Gamechangers, Staff handbook, p. 5)