Students can often encounter invitation to deepening faith through immersion experiences, pilgrimages, assemblies, forums and festivals, amongst others. These encounter experiences are powerful when they are intentional and ongoing. 

Examples include:
World Youth Day Pilgrimages   
World Youth Day encourages participation of young people in an encounter centred on Jesus Christ. This event is an opportunity to personally experience the universality of the Catholic Church, and to share in hope with other young people a commitment to Christ in their lives. There are opportunities for prayer and Sacraments in the event itself as well as pilgrimage prior to the week-long festival and often, retreat afterwards. Students are supported by a chaplain and leaders.    
Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF 
• Prior to the ACYF experience, schools are coordinated by school clusters to have formation with guest speakers; spiritual formation and preparation on the youth festival experience.  
• ACYF is an experience in which young people come together to share faith and celebrate the vitality of the Catholic Church in Australia. There are opportunities to meet with Church leaders, participate in the Sacraments, and discover how each person is called to be a disciple. • Post ACYF, schools are gathered in clusters for follow-up sessions of the experience. Students provide input into how they have taken the ACYF experience back to their school and Parish communities.  
Tasmanian Catholic Youth Festival  
A more local model of the above experiences with guest presenters, praise and worship, workshops, catechesis, youth activities, and an expo of Archdiocesan agencies, service and communities which connect young people to the wider Catholic community.