Some of the religious contexts in which teachers, children and young people encounter one another in Catholic schools are illustrated in the following data from the NCEC and Putting Life Together^ surveys. 

Knowing Jesus helps make me a better personReligious faith helps shape how I live my life
Definitely true23%15%
Probably true20%13%
Not sure, don’t know24%21%
Probably not true11%18%
Definitely not true22%33%
Source: Putting Life Together Surveys, 2011-2018.

Mean Scores on a Scale of 1 to 10 of Students’ Rating of Various Influences on their Thinking about Life, and Percentage Scoring the Influence Strongly (Table 2).

InfluenceMean Rating on a Scale of 1 to 10Percentage Indicating They are Strongly Influenced
What is learnt at school7.253%
Reading a book6.439%
School camps and retreats5.933%
Leadership programs and opportunities5.530%
Community and social justice programs4.821%
Religious education4.822%
School liturgies and services of worship4.216%
Source: Putting Life Together Surveys, 2011-2018.  


^ Hughes, P. (2007). Putting Life Together: Findings from Australian Youth Spirituality Research. Fairfield, Victoria: Fairfield Press, p. 68