Prayer, Liturgy and Sacraments are integral to community life in Catholic schools. They provide important opportunities for individual communal faith formation of students, staff and families. 

Examples include:
Sacramental programs and Teenage RCIA  
In most school communities, this will be centred around the parish and in partnership with families. 
Eucharist and Prayer  
Students are given opportunities and guided through ways to contribute to the planning of liturgies and prayer services; they participate in the writing of prayers, offering scripture reflections, creating suitable environments and leading music.  
Often students attend large school masses which do not allow the type of participation which can be formative. Where schools have access to ordained chaplains the ‘class’ mass can be more effective.  
Some schools with a shared charism have their senior student leaders meet together, as part of their formation to write the prayer that enlivens each of their school communities for the year. Such a model would also be possible for groups of diocesan schools. 
Co-created prayer engages students in the Religious Life of the Catholic school through encouraging full, conscious and active participation in liturgy.  It is designed to animate the prayer life of the school community and models a way of preparing and praying together.