Operations Standing Committee

Jacinta Collins (Chair)
Ross Fox
Neil McGoran
Dallas McInerney
John Mula
Greg O'Mullane
Dr Lee-Anne Perry
Dr Debra Sayce

Finance, Audit & Risk Standing Committee

TBA (Chair)
Jacinta Collins
Hon Greg Crafter AO
Carmel Nash 
Dr Lee-Anne Perry

Faith Formation and Religious Education Standing Committee

Sr Elizabeth Dodds RSC (Chair)
Siobhan Allen
Diana Alteri (WA)
Laura Avery (NT)
Audrey Brown (VIC)
Anthony Cleary (NSW)
Andrea Grant
Professor Br David Hall FMS
Patrick McGrath (ACT)
Martin Scroope
Dr Leigh Stower (Qld)
Martin Tobin (Tas)
Michael Vial (SA)
Executive Officer: John McGrath

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